Talking With...

Written by: Jane Martin
Adelphi University | April 2021

Production & Creative Team

Director: Nicholas Petron, Anthon Mondesir, Carson Ferguson

Scenic Design: John McDermott

Properties Master and Special Effects Makeup Design: Natalie Piperno

Lighting Design: Fiona Govin

Costume Design: Brian R. Donoghue

Sound Design: Matthew Mattes

Projection Design: Chloe Yoo

Production Stage Manager: Gabrielle P. Guagenti

Assistant Stage Manager: Jennifer N. Woitko

Production Assistant: Melissa Garber

Photographer: Peter Frutkoff


Alexis Barros...Actress

Emma Isabel...Patchwork Girl of Oz

Amber Carr...Laurie

Haley Franke...Big Eight

Abbigail Grace...Marti

Gabriela Villeda...Anna Mae

Kimmarie Lynn...Alain

Mishka Rehak...Lila

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